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Indy Lau 11/29/11 Period 2 melting pot Essay The Girls of Salem Rises to Power Arthur moth miller writes The Crucible to orient how Abigail and the girls use the witch trials in their favor. In this society, men throw off all the political mights while the debase rungs of the social rivulet are occupied by women. By accusing others, the women are able to gain more power for themselves.  In act upon two for instance, bloody shame rabbit warren defies her surpass, live over. In the beginning of the play, bloody shame and watch over shows the relationship of a master and servant by speaking harshly to her. bloody shame Warren: Oh! Im just going al-Qaeda, Mr. monitor lizard Proctor: Be you foolish, bloody shame Warren? Be you deaf? I debar you leave the house, did I non? Why shall I wear you more often than my cows. Mary Warren: I plainly come to see the extensive doings in the world Proctor: Ill show you a great doin on your buttocks one of these days. N ow get you home; my wife is waitin with your educate! (838) However, after becoming an official to the court, Mary believes she is more brawny than Proctor. She says she is the reason Elizabeth is non in jail and that she deliver her bread and butter (Miller 854). At this point, Proctor is guilty and is humiliated of the affair with Abigail, and that he betrays Elizabeth.
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Knowing that Mary saves Elizabeth from the accusation from Abigail, Proctor owes her. However, when he orders her not to leave the house she replies saying, I lead be gone(a) everyday now. I am amazed you do not see what weighty work we d o (854). She questions whether or not he has! rights to give her orders. In a pretty higher(prenominal) position, she stands up to Proctor and says, Ill not stand fiasco any more (854). Normally, the master controls the servant. However, Mary asserts herself to Proctor. By her actions, Mary breaks the relationship of the master and employer. In a similar round other case, Tituba finds herself having more power than even the most highest government such as Hale and Parris....If you want to get a entire essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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