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|Anomie- General decline in the sstrength of the rules/Anticipatory soc: learning that | disposition: Persons fairly consistent patt of act, think, &feeling/Pluralism: state In| |helps a person achieve a desired pos/Assimilation: proc by which minor gradually adopt |which pple of alll races & ethnicities r dist bt heave eq soc standing/Pop fad: Cult | |patt of dominant religious madness/Beliefs: Spec thoughts or ideas that pple hold 2 b true.Cohort: A |patt that r widespread among soc population/Positivism: understanding ass on | |cta of pple w/ somtg in common(age).Countercult: Cult patt that strongly appertain those |science/Prejudice: rigid &unf generalization abt an entire emetic of pple/Race: soc const | |widely accepted within a soc.Cult: management of think, act, & mat obj that togh form a pple path|ct of pple who conjure bio trans traits that memb of a soc consider imp/Race- conf app: | |of life.Cult Int: Close relations among deviate elements of a cult sys/Cult lag: fact |ineq & conf btw pple of dif racial & eth ptyalise/Racism: belief that 1 racial sublimate is sup or | |that some cult elem change more(prenominal) pronto than others, disrup a cult sys.Cult relat: prac |inf 2 anoth/Resocialization: Radically chang an inmates pers by cont their | |of jud a cult by its own stand.
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Cult trans: shape which 1 gen passes cult 2 next/Cult | surroundings/Sapir- Whorf dissertation: unders the world throught the cult lens of | |shock: pers disorientation when exp an unfa way of life/Cult univ: trait s that r part of|lang/ scapegoat: pers or ca! t of pple, typically w/ little ply/ sequestration: physical | |every known cult/ discrepancy: mismatched treatment of various cat of pple/Ethnicity: |&soc sep of cat of pple.Sig others: pple, such(prenominal) as parents who have esp imp for | | shared cult heritage/Ethnocentrism: Prac of jud another cult by the standars of ones |soc./ social dysfunction: soc pattern that may disrupt the op of soc/Soc confl app: soc | |own...If you want to bother a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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