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Optional Helmet Law Is a Disaster for Pennsylvania Essay -- Argumentat

ex gratia Helmet Law Is a Disaster for public address system1. September 4, 2003 was a sad day for Pennsylvanians. Governor Rendell signed the new pedal helmet constabulary into effect, sentencing riders to death and increasing the tax burden caused by this new legal philosophy. Pennsylvania is the 31st state to repeal its all-rider helmet law (Berenson 2). The new law states no helmet is required for a person 21 years of age or older who has been licensed to operate a motorcycle for not less(prenominal) than 2 full calender sic years or has completed a motorcycle rider safety course approved by the surgical incision of Transportation or the pedal Safety Foundation (Lobel 3). This new helmet law has increased accident terminalities and the burden on taxpayers. 2. Motorcycle fatality rate due to riding without a helmet are quickly rising. Nationally, motorcycle fatalities confirm increased 59 percent since 1997 (Motorcycle 1). Between September and December of 2003 in Pennsylvania, helmetless rider fatalities more than doubled, but fatalities decreased in riders wearing helmets (Wlazelek 1). Similarly, look into done by the American Journal of Public Health set up that motorcycle helmets severely reduce the presence and severity of head injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents (Rowland 4). Obviously, there is strong correlation between helmet use and the number of fatal crashes. The research done across Pennsylvania in the years next the repeal of the all-rider helmet law suggests that helmets do in fact decrease the endangerment of serious head injuries and death among motorcyclists. According to Judith Stone, increased deaths were enough for lah to reject helmetless riding and revert back to an all-rider helmet law. Louisiana saw a 100 per... Repeal Concerns Regions Hospitals. 17 June 2003. 4 October 2004. . Rowland, Jefferson, Frederick Rivara, Phillip Salzberg, and Robert Soderberg. Motorcycle helmet use and injur y outcome and hospitalization costs from crashes in capital letter State. American Journal of Public Health 86.1 (1996) 41-42. Proquest (general). Penn Coll. Lib., Williamsport. 4 October 2004. . Stone, Judith Lee. Special favourable reception to Louisiana Legislature and Governor Blanco For Reinstatement of Lifesaving All-rider Helmet Law. 18 June 2004. 4 October 2004. . Wlazelek, Ann, and John L. Micek. Optional helmet law effect unknown. 30 August 2004. 29 September 2004. .

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