Saturday, February 9, 2019

Jesus is a True Hero Essay -- Religion Christian Christiantiy essays p

Over superstar third of the worlds population c forevery last(predicate) themselves Christians, or those who follow the teachings of rescuer. the Nazarene social movement in the souls of humanity is everywhere. Sun solar day, the day of Christs resurrection, is still a day of rest and worship. The calendar still uses the year of his birth as a starting point, with A.D being after death and B.C being in the lead the death of Christ. There are also major Christian holidays that are celebrated by millions each year, Christmas, the day of Christs birth, and Easter, the day of Christs resurrection. The breeding of Jesus is told in the new will of the bible, which is still one of the go around selling books of in all time and has been translated in 2,000 different languages. The life and the lessons of Jesus are known by all his followers, the compassion he showed towards all throng helped change the world.The life of Jesus is told in the New Testament, one of the most sacred and relished books by people all over the world. His mother was Mary, who was a virgin when he was conceived, and Joseph, a poor carpenter. The life of Jesus is contradictory to other messiahs such as Muhammad or Buddha. He was born in a manger as the son of a carpenter. The life he came from was not what was to be pass judgment of a messiah. The Pharisees did not believe that Jesus was a savior because he did not fit the credentials that they thought a savior should have. Surely, a savior would have been born into a rich family and gone to the best schools. Jesus said what shall it profit a man if he gains the all world but loses his soul. Meaning that the riches of the world are not worth having if you have to lie and cheat for them. Also a homophile who has no money but is true to his faith and to god is richer than a man ... ...ieve in him.Jesus death for all of mankinds sin was not a small sacrifice. Because of the huge sacrifice Jesus made, He can be considered a hero - a so meone who is admired for something He has done. In this case, Jesus is admired for taking all of mankinds sin upon Himself. John 1513 says, great love has no one than this, that one lay come out His life for His friends. Jesus did on the dot that. He loved every person who ever lived and has yet to live so much that He laid down His life for them. All they have to do is believe with their hearts and minds that what the book of account says He did is true. There are many people who have been harassed, beaten, or even killed for believing this. Every year, it is estimated that 186,000 people are killed for believing in Jesus as their Savior and for refusing to deny their faith in Him. This reveals just how great a hero Jesus is.

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