Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Essay --

fretfulness disorders argon the 2nd most diagnosed mental illness in the unite States. Anxiety comes from the fight or flight physiological response in ones body. The fear a person experiences is an intense emotional alarm attach to by a surge of energy in the autonomic head-in-the-clouds system. The surge is what motivates us to flee from danger, cueing the flight response. However, some anxiety is unspoilt for us in moderate amounts. Most people perform mitigate when we are a little anxious (Yerkes & Dodson, 1908). Anxiety mass repair test performance or make you more ener popic and appeal on a date. It improves, social, physical, and intellectual performance. In fact little would get done if we didnt have any anxiety. However anxiety can be negative as well. The most common symptoms are sounding worried and anxious or fidgeting. That is pretty normal for most people. These symptoms are a physiological response that starts in the brain. It elevates the heart rate and c reates heft tension. Most of the research has been done with animals. Animals seem to experience anxiety in a similar way to ...

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