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Explain Why The Tuc Called A General Strike In 192

Explain why the TUC cal conduct a habitual divulge in 1926? Between 1918 and 1923 there were many economic problems confront Britain, which led to the miners non being happy with functional(a) pay and conditions. The miners year a triple alliance with the transport workers and railway men. This instrument if the miners went on strike, the other 2 would also strike, causing a mass disruption to Britain. The first signs of disruption that led to the habitual strike was the fact that other countries such as Poland were reasonable a more predominant exporter of coal, and the only way to faithful Britains coal industry was to higher the price of coal, take out miners working hours and reduce pay. Obviously not favoured by the miners. more British mines were old and needed modernisation, mine proprietors didnt demand to do this and there was a feeling of the miners wanting the mines to be nationalised. To make matters worse, the political sympathies decided to put Britain back on the gold standard, the pre-1914 exchange rate. British coal exports were more costly, this once again led to mine owners wanting wage cuts and longer working hours, however these were jilted, this lead to multiple threats of a lock stunned, were the miners wouldnt submit paid al all as the were not allowed to work. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The government past decided to pay the miners and mine owners subsidies to stop the working disputes for 9 months. After the Samuel commission was done, some(prenominal) miners and mine owners disagreed with the parts of it and when the government subsidies ended, the mine owners a nd the unions tried to throng off a deal, ! the terms of the deal were later rejected by the miners. As the terms of the deal were rejected, May 1926 miners were then locked out of the mine by the mine owners, but a spate of the trade unions supported the miners, aswell those of the triple alliance. The lockout was unsound for the miners because they direct didnt stick out any pay, as they were not working, this was peculiarly bad for the government because a strike could...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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